Anti-Jewish Owner Of “The Daily Shoah” Podcast Mike Enoch Outed As Having A Jewish Wife

February 11, at 1: From what you wrote I took it that you considered these two events to be more or less separate. I never quite understood how people can come up with these fancy theories about these fallen angels actually being mere men. That never made any sense to me. I think they insist they are not fallen angels because the implications of accepting that there was indeed an angelic rebellion by a number that mingled with mankind and produced giants, are too far-reaching. It would mean that much of what we have been taught about history is false. I have a theory that the demi-gods may have been half-man and half-demon. In the case of the Egyptians, we have the three pyramids of Gizah and a couple of other 4th Dynasty pyramids aligned with the constellation of Orion which was known as a giant demi-god?

The Case Against the Book of First Enoch

And some Labour MPs called for his prosecution for inciting racial hatred. Yet a thousand London dockworkers marched to protest his dismissal, and tens of thousands sent him letters and postcards thanking him for speaking out. As the nations of the West have become increasingly multiracial, their politics have grown more polarized.

Mike Enoch, a virulent anti-Semite and proprietor of the popular alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah (via The Right Stuff web page), has been outed for having a Jewish have little interest as to whether Enoch, real name Mike Peinovich, beds a Jewish woman.

Chapter 7 The Book of Enoch This period stretched approximately years, and included what came to be known as the Apocalyptic Movement, coming to an end around C. The Book of Enoch has come to be known as I Enoch. These are the earliest portions of the larger book, and include the first 36 chapters. These chapters deal with the Watchers, those angles responsible for the Nephilim.

The Secrets of Enoch have been labeled as II Enoch, to differentiate between the two, and was composed at a later date. The authorship of the book of Enoch the prophet has been in debate as well. Burkitt has studied the subject extensively, and claims the earliest portions of the book were written by a Jew who lived in the land of Dan, in northern Palestine. The various dates assigned to the different chapters of the book of Enoch attest to the multiplicity of its authors, according to the popular theory amongst scholars.

The original language the book was written in has raised many questions as well. The book of Enoch currently exists only in the Ethiopic version. This version was rendered from the Greek, which only a few portions have survived.

Enoch the pre-flood prophet and end time witness

Part 4 – Walked with God This part talks about a person called Metatron The patriarch Enoch’s legendary status among both Jewish mystics and modern-day Freemasons stems from a very strange assumption. In the Bible, Chapter 5 of Genesis contains a genealogical listing of the ten antediluvian patriarchs, from Adam down to Noah. In each case it gives only their names, their age when they begat their first son, and the age at which they died, with one notable exception – Enoch.

In his case, he is twice said to have walked with God, a obscure statement elaborated only in the second instance with the enigmatic words: Whatever the writer of Genesis had been attempting to convey by these words, they were taken to mean that Enoch did not die like the other patriarchs, but was instead translated to heaven with the aid of Gods angels.

Verses 14, – And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these. The Revisers render it, and to these also Enoch prophesied. In the apocryphal writing from which the passage is taken Enoch is styled, as here, “the seventh from Adam.”.

Notes Jesus Christ quoted often from the Book of Enoch, indirectly testifying of its authenticity. Now it has been discovered that Enoch returns the favor because the key dates in the life of Christ are “holy days” on the Enoch Calendar. Thus, Enoch, who prophesied of the Elect One, indirectly witnessed that the Messiah would be none other than Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and his apostles quoted from the Book of Enoch also called 1 Enoch as authentic scripture.

It was once in the Bible and was accepted as having been written by Enoch himself, the majestic antediluvian prophet who was translated into heaven without tasting death Heb. During the Third and Fourth Centuries AD the book fell into disfavor and was removed from sacred canon, destined to become one of the “lost books” of the Bible. It was rediscovered in in Ethiopia and is now readily available in English, but is still largely unappreciated.

Before looking at the calendar it describes, let us briefly review how it contains doctrines or phrases of the Savior, which are apparently examples of the Savior quoting Enoch. While that is the only referenced quotation in the Bible, there are many indirect references which involve striking similarities. The scholar and translator R.

Book of Enoch

Echoing the Iranian story of Yima, the biblical Enoch morphed into the theologically problematic angel Metatron, and ends up being flogged. Reading the Metatron tradition in light of the Zoroastrian Yima tradition helps us better understand what the rabbis and their contemporary coreligionists were picturing with Enoch-Metatron.

You are that Son of Man who was born for righteousness, and righteousness dwells on you, and the righteousness of the Head of Days will not forsake you 1 Enoch The Slavonic Book of Enoch 2 Enoch; perhaps 1st century CE 5 is even more explicit in asserting that Enoch had become like one of the glorious ones and there was no observable difference i. Enoch as Metatron In the Jewish mystical work 3 Enoch final redaction probably ca.

Metatron, Prince of the Divine Presence, said to me:

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The Apocryphal Book the Assumption of Moses Jude 9- Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. Catholics will refer to this verse and claim that it is quoting a non-canonical scripture called the Assumption of Moses, in an attempt to disprove the principle of Sola Scriptura The Bible only for doctrine.

The logic for this I assume to be the following: If the Bible quotes from a non-canonical book, then the Bible is validating the authenticity of that book, as inspired of God to the same level as the Bible itself. Consequently, any doctrinal teaching in this book not taught by the Bible itself, must in any case be just as inspired as the Bible, thus validating the authority of Catholic Tradition. By this logic, Sola Scriptura is proposed to be disproved, since an extra-biblical book is then assumed to be the “inspired word of God” on a par with the authority of Scripture.

So what of this logic, and what proof is there that the Jude 9 quotes this non-canonical book? Well, it was claimed by early church writers- Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Didymus that Jude 9 is a quotation from the book of The Assumption of Moses, yet interestingly enough, there is apparently no surviving portion of that “pseudepigraphical” book containing the passage, that exists today from which to validate or even investigate that claim. In spite of this, lets consider the matter some.

Note the following verse from the Bible- Zec 3: Now, let’s assume for the moment that the “Assumption of Moses” did contain a very similar, if not identical phrase as Jude 9. Is it not reasonable to assume that perhaps it was also a quote from Zechariah? Zechariah is dated to about B.

Daisy 25 dating information – Part 1

Genesis recounts that each of the pre-Flood Patriarchs lived for several centuries. Genesis 5 provides a genealogy of these ten figures from Adam to Noah , providing the age at which each fathered the next, and the age of each figure at death. Enoch is considered by many to be the exception, who is said to “not see death” Hebrews The brief account of Enoch in Genesis 5 ends with the cryptic note that “he [was] not; for God took him”.

These recount how Enoch was taken up to Heaven and was appointed guardian of all the celestial treasures, chief of the archangels , and the immediate attendant on God’s throne.

The Apocryphal Book the Assumption of Moses. Jude 9- Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. Catholics will refer to this verse and claim that it is quoting a non-canonical scripture called the Assumption of Moses, in an attempt to disprove the principle of.

A man of this stamp could not but appear peculiarly well fitted to serve as a medium through which to communicate to the world revelations regarding the divine mysteries, seeing that he had even been deemed worthy of immediate intercourse with God. Accordingly at a somewhat early period, probably as far back as the second century before Christ, an apocalyptic writing appeared purporting to have been composed by Enoch, which work was subsequently issued in an enlarged and revised form.

This Book of Enoch was already known to the author of the Book of ‘Jubilees’ and of the ‘Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs,’ and was afterwards a great favourite in the Christian Church. As is well known, it is quoted in the Epistle of Jude 14, 15 , while many of the Fathers use it without hesitation as the genuine production of Enoch, and as containing authentic divine revelations, although it has never been officially recognized by the Church as canonical.

We still find the Byzantine chronicler, George Syncellus about A. But after that the book disappeared, and was looked upon as lost till, in the course of the last century, the discovery was made that an Ethiopic version of it was still extant in the Abyssinian Church. In the year , Bruce the English traveller brought three manuscripts of it to Europe.

But it was not till the year that the whole work was given to the world through the English translation of Laurence. A German translation was issued by Hoffmann which, from chap. The Ethiopic text was published first by Laurence in , and subsequently by Dillmann in , after having collated it with five manuscripts. Dillmann likewise issued a new German translation, in which there were material emendations, and on which all disquisitions connected with this book have been based ever since.

It seemed as though there were reason to hope that more light would be thrown upon this book when a small fragment of it in Greek extending from ver. For, from what was stated by Mai, one was led to suppose that there was still far more in the codex than had yet been published.

The heresy of the Enoch Calendar

Enoch then has an audience with God himself, who instructs Enoch about the process of creation from its beginning ex nihilo to the creation of man and about the duration of the world seven thousand years plus a millennium God then has two angels escort Enoch back to earth for a short period so that he can instruct his children about the future destiny of the world and of mankind Enoch recounts the mysteries of heaven he has observed, then adds an exhortation and the command to disseminate his books The book concludes with a farewell discourse and an account of Enoch’s ascension.

As with 1 Enoch there appear to be five divisions: Enoch informs his sons about his imminent ascension ; he ascends through seven expanded to ten by a later editor heavens ; Enoch meets the Lord and records His revelations ; he returns to the earth in order to instruct and admonish his sons ; Enoch is taken by angels to the highest heaven 67; the long recension adds how the people praised God for the sign delivered through Enoch,

The Book of Enoch comes up now and then in Bible prophecy. So you might want to be aware of the arguments presented in and about this book. You have to be very careful here because some people will use the Book of Enoch for actually proving that aliens exist.. Alien Resistance and other Christian websites like them say that these beings will be nothing more than fallen angels setting the world.

Brown David is a lifelong dissident and intellectual rebel. He despises political correctness, which replaces real, needy victims with narcissistic leftists out for a free meal. Though still a young man, he has watched society descend into its present morass with great sadness, combined with a determination to help make things better.

He tweets when there’s something worth tweeting here. There is even speculation that Enoch is Jewish himself. Forgetting that around 50 million people voted for Trump, SJWs and liberals more broadly falsely claim that Peinovich and others are directly representative of those who put The Donald into office. Strangely, his wife appeared in at least one of his Holocaust parodies on The Daily Shoah.

Why would a Jewish woman do this if the whole project were not an instance of controlled opposition? I wish the world was in an uproar over Roosh for the right reasons, tbh.

Why They REMOVED The Book Of Enoch!!