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Top vocalist for sure. He fits all types of songs. Thank god he won his group, he was just so amazing. Thank GOD Taehyun won dance. Choreography genius, dance king, looks so amazing onstage, seems to have such good leadership qualities… and on top of that, he can sing and rap as well. Shape of You really brought out the best in him. Sungwoon is a stable, excellent vocalist and dancer. His voice is really nice and his vocals in Downpour made me tear up a little. His Get Ugly performance made me sweat.

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Kiritani opens wide as Joe offers him a mouthful of noodles, but another technician abruptly shuts his helmet. At the end of the first season of the reality dating series “The Bachelor Japan.

Wanting to reach a new level like him, Shunpei decides to accompany Haruto in his search for Phantoms, but ends up just getting himself in trouble. After being sent home, Shunpei across one of his old upperclassmen from high school named Tetsuya Inagaki, who is an apprentice under the Wagashi shop Matsukian keep named Shozo Matsuki. Leaving Shunpei to make his delivery to a regular, Tetsuya is attacked by the Phantom Valkyrie before Haruto arrives and becomes Kamen Rider Wizard to fight Valkyrie before the Phantom fall back.

But when Shunpei learns that he tricked them into wasting most of their supplies, Kiritani reveals himself to be Valkyrie and that his true target is Matsuki. However, Valkyrie escapes the attack and takes Shunpei hostage. The next day, Shunpei begins to question how he can truly help Haruto as Rinko convinces him that he just needs to makes himself useful by just supporting him.

With a renewed outlook, Shunpei heads to Matsukian as he gives Tetsuya a similar speech before attempting to convince the restaurant owner to buy Wagashi from Matsuki again. But on the way back, learning that Matsuki’s hope is for Tetsuya’s success, Haruto is alerted by Koyomi to Medusa as the Phantom overheard everything. Later, though Matsukian closes, Matsuki and Tetsuya have a renewed sense of hope while Shunpei is unaware that he helped.

But while following Black Cerberus, Haruto ends up leaving Koyomi to follow the Plamonster on her own as he encounters Medusa when she attacks a youth. Assuming Hurricane Dragon, Kamen Rider Wizard seemingly defeats Medusa as he turned to the youth as he offer to protect him for a while. Elsewhere, ending up in the middle of the forest, Koyomi ventures into a cave where she finds a blue Magic Stone.

However, while Chizuru tells the others how he got her into acting, they find Satoshi gone.

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Instead, Terrace House offer lots of subdued conversation, repressed emotions, and episodes full of frustrating indecision. If you think this is going to be your typical shared apartment in Japan, think again. But instead of being impressed and energized by their new environment, the house guests all seem terribly intimidated, and the shyness and reservation inspired by the home never seems to go away.

Makoto 21 , the jock. A 4th year university baseball player.

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I requested this one on Mysoju , and it didn’t take them long to post, either. I’m so happy that they did! They even made sure to have Young-sim’s children watch a video of Cinderella, and she read the story to her little girl, too.

Four others join the team: Noda (Kiritani Kenta), a systems engineer, Momo, an explosives expert from North Korea, Haruki (Mizobata Jumpei), Kitagawa’s younger brother, and Ji-chan (Nishida Toshiyuki), a former elevator engineer.

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Jadi seperti pada postingan yang ini , kali ini saya akan menulis review pendek dari beberapa film tepatnya 3 film yang saya tonton belakangan ini. Dan ini adalah film horror Korea pertama yang saya tonton. Bercerita tentang sepasang kakak beradik perempuan, Soo-mi Su-jeong Lim dan Soo-yeon Geun-young Moon yang baru saja kembali ke rumah mereka yang terletak di pedesaan.

Di rumah tersebut mereka disambut oleh ibu tiri mereka Jung Ah-yum , yang tampaknya tidak menyukai kedua kakak beradik itu, dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Soo-mi juga menemukan bahwa ibu tirinya tersebut suka menyiksa adiknya, Soo-yeong.

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November 17, 1 comment Minggu ke-7 Mnapuku, Sera kembali muncul dalam kehidupan Tachibana dan Manpei tapi berakhir dnegan mengkhianati pasangan suami istri yang sedang berjuang dengan bisnis baru itu. Meski Sera mengkhianati mereka, keduanya tidak bisa membenci Sera. Masalah demi masalah terjadi di Industri Garam Tachibana karena begitu banyaknya pekerja, mereka yang kurang serius, masalah keuangan, masalah keluarga Kouda, bahkan sampai muncul gosip perselingkuhan Fukuko yang membuat Manpei jadi tidak tenang.

Fukuko berhasil mengatasi masalah keuangan dengan caranya sendiri dan satu kabar baik lagi datang dari pasangan suami istri tersebut, kabar yang sudah lama ditunggu-tunggu.

Apr 02,  · It was revealed on April 2nd, that actor Kenta Kiritani(桐谷健太) (34) married a 29 years old woman. The news was announced on the homepage of Kiritani’s agency.


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Kenta is gearing up for another boring summer when he receives a mysterious note. After school, he walks into the old, condemned school building, following the note’s instructions. Inside, he finds that Jinpachi, Miyuki, Rika, Kotomi, Akemi, Ms. Kumi, Munemitsu and .


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The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Kenta Maeda of the LA Dodgers. The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Kenta Maeda of the LA Dodgers. Menu. YahooSports. Mail. Search. Sign in. Home.


【映画予告編】『Outrage 0 Coda(#アウトレイジ最終章)』予告TVCM|監督/脚本/編集:#北野武(#TakeshiKitano)出演:#ビートたけし 西田敏行