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Dating Photochrom Postcards Dating Photochrom Postcards Although the world’s first picture post cards date from the s to the.. The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately determined if the card is studied for. Those power condition agreement and any photochrom dating postcards security questions and responses to health and fitness and the perfection of the design. Chicago someone from el salvador postcards photochrom dating sex in fairpoint south dakota men of the small island in the philippines. Sexts at some point in. Days Past – Stamps on Postcards – a. Dating Frith Postcards The Royal Mail first allowed the sending of privately-produced illustrated cards. Today deltiology, or the collection of postcards , is a popular hobby. While we do not have picture envelopes that date from this time period, this envelope with the..

How to Estimate the Age of a Postcard

Contact Author Postcard collecting can be a fascinating hobby as I have found out over the years. The earliest cards date from the mid th century and have a very well-documented history. But for any individual card there can be some doubt about its exact age.

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Compared to philately, the iden- tification of a postcard’s place and time of production can often be an impossible task because postcards, unlike stamps, are produced in a decentralised, unregulated manner. For this reason, some collectors choose to limit their acquisitions to cards by specific artists and publishers, or by time and location. Postcard History A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope and at a lower rate than a letter.

Stamp collectors distinguish between postcards which require a stamp and postal cards which have the postage pre-printed on them. While a postcard is usually printed by a private company, individual or organization, a postal card is issued by the relevant postal authority. The United States Postal Service defines a postcard as:

Old British postcards dating back to the Second World War

Carte de visite is the singular. Cartes de visite is the plural. Also popularly referred to as CDV and carte.

Identifying the Age of Postcards. Used with permission from rn (Colonial House) The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately determined if the card is studied for identity points. Research has already been done by earlier historians and guidelines have been put into place.

Taber Prang Art Co. They started printing view-cards of Boston and holiday cards in In with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists. They not only provided the only rail passenger service to the Park but supplemental transportation to its inns. At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services.

Seaside cards and those depicting Blacks were also common. Many of their postcards were embossed.

Poinsettia Postcards – Set of 10

In years when Ascension Day concurs with Victory Day, we mark only the former, thus ignoring the latter. Metal workers have the holiday of St. Eloi, July 24 Festival of St. Eloi – French Basque.

Jul 16,  · The divided back (or lack of it) is one of the most obvious dating methods for early vintage cards but later on the style of the card becomes more important: the printing method and paper type; whether or not the card has a white border; deckle edged or not; You can also look at the fashion styles worn by men and women, the cars on s:

Old Photographs – Cambridgeshire Photographers – Gr – Gz Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages. Percy Graham was an established photographer in Bedford when Huntingdon photographer Arthur Maddison died in Arthur Maddison’s widow, Julia, leased Arthur Maddison’s business to Percy Graham on condition that he trained her son, Frederick Hinde, in the business. Julia took back the firm in running it with her son, Frederick Hinde, as “Maddison and Hinde”.

Frederick Maddison finally took over the business in Below are a pair of Percy Graham Cartes de visite from around the date of a medal mentioned on the reverse of the carte. These pre-date Graham taking over Maddison’s firm. Below this is a carte de visite portrait of an unknown lady, with the firm’s then three studios listed at Bedford, Huntingdon and St Ives. Kelly’s Directory of Huntingdonshire Market Place, Peterborough Working Dates: At Peterborough Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Barker Pollard Graham was born in at Southport, Lancashire.

In Graham was an upholsterer in North Meols, Lancashire. By he had moved to Queen Street Belper, Derbyshire, where he was a photographer.

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The back of the postcard was for the address only. There was often a statement that said “this side for address only.” The postal service started allowing the use of divided back postcards in March of If your postcard has an undivided back, it is from or earlier.

Bought in antique store 3 years ago and put a message on surname board on rootsweb. Would love to see this get back to the family. Would love to see these albums returned to family members. They contain wedding photos, military photos, and many many childrens photos. Also included were first communion photos at St Anthony Catholic Church. Byrd in Milan, TN. However, Milan was crossed out and Humboldt, TN was addressed underneath. They were delivered to a Byrd family there. They are 2 small school pictures and their colorized enlargements of 2 pretty girls.

They were enlarged in New York City. APR 14 ’47 is stamped on the outside. I was given these by a relative to try and find the original owners.

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Postcard Traders Association Stamps on Postcards – a guide to dating cards We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could and can! Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant ‘postcard rate’ of the period. Multiples of lower value stamps were often used, as were stamps higher than the required amount.

Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

The following history was compiled by Mr. McClintock and provided to our group by Cary Finder cfinder erols. It is reproduced here with their permission. The images and their captions were provided by Carl Seiler. A Short History of the Post Card in the United States Pioneer Era Although there were earlier scattered issues, most pioneer cards in today’s collections begin with the cards placed on sale at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, on May 1, These were illustrations on government printed postal cards and privately printed souvenir cards.

The government postal cards had the printed 1 cent stamp while the souvenir cards required a 2 cent adhesive postage stamp to be applied to it. Writing was not permitted on the address side of the cards. Private Mailing Card Era On May 19, , private printers were granted permission, by an act of Congress, to print and sell cards that bore the inscription “Private Mailing Card.

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From , this was a U. This allowed brighter colour printing that was also aided by the woven fabric texture. The linen texture enlivened the image by reflecting the light in multiple directions. At first, these postcards included a white border:

A divided back postcard has a line down the middle, or some other indication that one half of the back is for the address and the other half is for a message. Early postcards had an undivided back.

The first commercial postcards produced in the U. These were the first privately printed souvenir postcards in the country. The words “Post Card” were not printed on postcards until December 24, Cards previous to that had to have the Private Mailing Card Statement. So, if your card is marked “Private Mailing Card,” is dates from – A divided back postcard example 3 has a line down the middle, or some other indication that one half of the back is for the address and the other half is for a message.

Early postcards had an undivided back example 2. The back of the postcard was for the address only. There was often a statement that said “this side for address only. If your postcard has an undivided back, it is from or earlier. Many early postcards were printed in Germany. The German cards were of exceptional quality and are some of the best examples of old postcards available.

If your early postcard says it was printed in Germany, it is from before

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When World War I ended at the end of , the rate was lowered to its prewar level of one cent. The postal rate was raised briefly from 1 cent to 2 cents in and in ; the conclusive raise to 2 cents was in Commission Rate Board overestimated revenue needs in and was forced to reduce the postage rate in These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards.

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. All the movies mentioned on the cards that have been checked are from and , dating the set to about The cards have postcard backs. Collector Otis Johnson adds additional information about this set as follows: It looks like the cards were issued with blank backs as well as with PC backs. Of the.

They are actual photographs on photopaper, but designed to be mailed and have letters written on the back. Popular in the early to mid s, real photo postcards picture a wide variety of subjects and were used for a variety of purposes. Most were the equivalent of family photographs intended to be given to relatives and friends or to be put in the family album. These will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking, a wedding photo.

Some real photo postcards were used for advertising or sold to the public at stores. Many of these show celebrities such as movie stars and politicians. Postcards picturing sports subjects are highly popular in the sports hobby, and you can find examples picturing Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Red Grange and most of the big stars and teams. Movie star postcards have been collected by the public since the silent era. Only the address could be written on the back. The American design of postcards was regulated by United States law and can be dated in general by the text and designs.

Below is a brief description of the vintage designs. A blank panel was put on the front for messages. Divided Back Era Postcards with a divided back began March 1

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